Hansen of Northwest Radiology Network Named Executive Committee Member of Strategic Radiology

Northwest Radiology Network President and CEO W. Kent Hansen M.D., Ph.D. is now the newest member of the Strategic Radiology executive committee.

Strategic Radiology is a coalition of quality-focused local, private radiology practices that have come together to improve quality, gain operational efficiencies through practice expense consolidation, and preserve radiology’s private practice model.

The physician officers, chief operating officer, and executive committee take a collaborative approach to leadership by crafting and implementing policy that is approved by our Board of Managers, composed of member shareholders from each core practice.

“There are great things we do at Strategic Radiology, including quality, data analytics, sharing best practices and ideas, and cost savings, which are all very important. I want to contribute to our vision for how we continue to support the core members and larger practices, but also be a flagship organization to mid-sized and smaller affiliate practices to provide the support for their growth and survival,” Dr. Hansen said.

Learn more about Strategic Radiology here.