Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing Card Download Price includes scan and radiologist’s interpretation
Flat Rate
General X-Ray $550 $75 86%
CT without contrast $1,200 $500 58%
CT with contrast $1,350 $650 51%
CT with & without contrast $1,500 $750 50%
DEXA $350 $125 64%
MRI without contrast $2,000 $600 70%
MRI with contrast $2,500 $750 70%
MRI with & without contrast $3,000 $850 71%
MRI Prostate with contrast CAD & 3D $5,000 $1,150 54%
PET/CT with FDG* $9,200 $2,500 73%
3D Tomo Screening Mammogram $600 $375 38%
3D Diagnostic Unilateral Mammogram $650 $400 38%
3D Diagnostic Bilateral Mammogram $825 $425 48%
Ultrasound $650 $200 69%
Ultrasound with Doppler $1,500 $400 73%

The cost of the test will not exceed the published price, regardless of insurance.

*For PET/CT exams with contrast agent other than FDG, please call (317) 328-5050.
Prices effective May 1, 2020

flat-rate-pricing-RGBHEALTHCARE THE WAY IT SHOULD BE ®. At Northwest Radiology, you’ll get superior quality care with an affordable, transparent price tag. We offer flat-rate pricing upfront before your procedure. With Northwest Radiology, what you see is exactly what you get.

It’s really simple. Just take a look at the chart above. There are absolutely no hidden fees. No confusing, high-priced bills. Whether you’re insured or not, no problem. It’s the same price for everyone who walks through our doors.

Northwest Radiology is an in-network provider for most insurance plans, in that case, your bill could be even lower! Payments will also go toward your healthcare plan deductible if it has not been met.


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