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If you have an immediate need or wish to speak with a radiologist, please call the Imaging Assistant at (317) 328-5058.

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NWR is committed to providing you with quick, easy online access to reports and images. Please review the options below and request access via our Help form.

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InteleConnect – A zero-footprint web-based clinician portal for securely accessing reports and images from any modern web browser. Most clinicians find InteleConnect is the best solution for viewing NWR reports and images.


InteleViewer – For most clinicians, InteleConnect will meet their needs, but for those who need full diagnostic capabilities InteleViewer installed on a Windows PC is the best solution.

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Please note that the helpdesk portal requires an activated user account.
If you have an issue immediately impacting patient care, please call the Imaging Assistant at (317) 328-5058.  For all other needs please either submit the form below, send an e-mail to or logon to our Helpdesk Portal.

Please allow one business day for a response to your request.

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