Our History

In May 1967, Dr. Joseph L. Morton and Dr. John W. Courtney founded Northwest Radiologists, PC, and opened the first Northwest X-ray lab with a staff of three full-time technologists and a part-time typist. This lab offered referring physicians and their patients a convenient location with easily-accessible service in a caring atmosphere.

Fifty years later, Northwest Radiology is proud to be one of Indiana’s largest physician-owned radiology practices specializing in quality, diagnostic imaging services. In addition to four outpatient offices (and soon five with Avon), Northwest Radiology Network also has partnerships with more than 30 regional hospitals and specialty clinics.

Northwest Radiology Network, PC, proudly celebrates more than five decades of trusted imaging. The team has grown and technology has changed, but the mission remains the same — to offer the highest quality imaging services and compassionate care at affordable prices. The faces, addresses and names may change, but the spirit, the heritage and the founding philosophy of NWR will never disappear.

In honor of our 50th year of service, in 2017, the Northwest Radiology Network team contributed more than “50 Acts of Kindness” giving back to communities throughout Indiana and beyond, volunteering for and donating to their projects, programs and organizations. Check out our #NWRCares photo gallery!


1967 – Northwest Radiologists, PC, was Founded

Dr. Joseph L. Morton and Dr. John Courtney opened the first Northwest Radiologists X-ray lab at 3500 Lafayette Road.

Dr. Joseph L. Morton

Dr. Morton and staff

1969 – Dr. Edward C. Wheeler

Dr. Edward C. Wheeler started the first peripheral angiography service at St. Vincent Hospital before joining Northwest Radiologists.


1969 – First Contract

Northwest Radiologists signed the first contract with St. Vincent Hospital.


1970 – Group Expands

During the '70s, six radiologists joined the group: Dr. Daniel R. Elliott, Dr. Louis T. Greenberg, Dr. Donald E. Schwarten, Dr. Mitchell A. Russ, Dr. Homer F. Beltz and Dr. John L. Horvath.

1971 – Dr. Daniel R. Elliott

Dr. Daniel R. Elliott joined in 1971 and was named the Managing Director of the group in 1972. He guided the business development and expansion of Northwest Radiologists for 27 years.

Announcement in Indianapolis newspaper


1972 – Dr. Joseph L. Morton Appointment

Dr. Joseph L. Morton was appointed to the Board of Directors for the St. Vincent Hospital Research and Development Foundation.

Announcement in Indianapolis newspaper

1973 – Billing Department

Northwest Radiologists added its own billing department located at 1265 W. 86th Street in Indianapolis.

1974 – Naab Road Office

Northwest Radiologists opened an office at 8330 Naab Road.


1980 – NWR Expanded Imaging Services

Nine radiologists joined the group: Dr. Peter D. Arfken, Dr. Edward R. Bartley, Dr. Jeffrey I. Reider, Dr. F. Wood Peyton, Dr. Rosalind H. Webb, Dr. William Cutcliff, Dr. Richard T. Beeler, Dr. Steven A. Fritsch and Dr. John A. Morton.

1980 – Technology Rapidly Changed

NWR expanded imaging services to include interventional radiology, radiation oncology, ultrasonography, nuclear medicine, mammography, computed tomography and MRI.

1982 – Dr. John A. Morton

Dr. John A. Morton, son of Northwest Radiologists founder, Dr. Joseph Morton, joined the group shortly before his father retired.


1990 – Northwest Radiology Expanded

In the 1990s, NWR expanded as several radiologists joined the group including: Dr. Jack J. Moss, Dr. Frank J. Pistoia, Dr. Steven A. Fritsch, Dr. Jane S. Mitchell, Dr. Janalyn P. Ferguson, Dr. Lori J. Wells, Dr. Eric D. Elliott, Dr. Brian J. Wiegel, Dr. Michael J. Phelps, Dr. Charles A. Lerner, Dr. Jack M. Drew and Dr. Veronica J. Martin.

1990 – Dr. John W. Courtney Retired

Northwest Radiologists founding member, Dr. John W. Courtney retired from NWR and from his position as Chairman of the Department of Radiology at St. Vincent Hospital. Dr. Daniel Elliott became the new Chairman of the Board, and NWR established the John W. Courtney, MD Endowment Fund.

Dr. John Courtney’s Recognition  

Announcement of the John W. Courtney Endowment Fund

1990 – NWR Breast Centers

Dr. Wheeler directed the successful formation of the NWR Breast Centers. Northwest Radiology was among the first mammography facilities in the country to be accredited by the American College of Radiology.


1992 – Business Office Moved

Northwest Radiologists moved the business office to 2010 W. 86th Street and opened an office on the south side of Indianapolis.

1994 – Nuclear Medicine and Open MRI

NWR expanded services, adding nuclear medicine and open MRI. Staff increased to 120.

Technologist Jody Ramos prepares a patient for a nuclear medicine study.

1994 – Merged with Irvington Radiology

Northwest Radiology merged with Irvington Radiology and was called Premier Radiology.

1996 – Linda Wilgus, CFO

Linda Wilgus, CPA, MBA, joined the team as Chief Financial Officer to help guide the continuing growth and business development. 


1996 – Renamed Northwest Radiology Network

The merger with Irvington Radiology dissolved and Premier Radiology was renamed Northwest Radiology Network, PC.

1997 – Dr. Homer F. Beltz

Following the retirement of Dr. Daniel Elliott, Dr. Homer F. Beltz was named as the CEO.


1998 – Digital Imaging

Northwest Radiology Network moved from film to digital images with its first Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This medical imaging technology provided economical storage and convenient access to images from multiple sources and locations.

Dr. Lori Wells reviewing a study in PACS


2000 – 19 Radiologists Joined NWR

Northwest Radiology continued to grow, adding 19 new radiologists to the group: Dr. Anthony V. Zancanaro, Dr. David J. Gulliver, Dr. Christina N. Shinaver, Dr. Richard L. Hallett, Dr. Benjamin B. Kuzma, Dr. Theodore P. Labus, Dr. Michael S. Skulski, Dr. Peggy A. Brengle, Dr. Thomas F. Hagman, Dr. Timothy L. Davis, Dr. Charles C. Mulry, Dr. Steven J. Willing, Dr. Patricia E. Ladd, Dr. John Mark Michael, Dr. Carlo R. Lazzaro, Dr. Warren Kent Hansen, Dr. Eric E. Beltz, Dr. Caryn C. Anderson and Dr. Laura O. Dugan

2003 – Linda Wilgus, Executive Director/CFO

Linda Wilgus’ role expanded as she became Executive Director/CFO of Northwest Radiology Network.

2006 – Business Office Moved

Northwest Radiology moved the business office to the newly-constructed building at 5901 Technology Center Drive in Indianapolis.


2006 – Meridian North Imaging Center Opened

NWR opened Meridian North Imaging Center (MNIC) at 12188 N. Meridian Street in Carmel, Ind. This was the first outpatient facility to have a dedicated stationary PET/CT scanner.

NWR PET Technologist Erica Hightower prepares a patient for a PET/CT scan.


2006 – Voice Recognition System

Northwest Radiology implemented voice recognition system for transcription.

2007 – NWR Celebrated 40 Years

Northwest Radiology celebrated 40 years of offering high-quality imaging services at affordable prices.


2009 – Dr. Vincent Mathews

Dr. Vincent Mathews was named CEO of Northwest Radiology Network, PC.



2010 – NWR Growth Continued

Northwest Radiology continued to grow, adding new radiologists to the group: Dr. Joseph C. George, Dr. Michael S. Conley, Dr. Andrew Sundblad, Dr. Martha J. Dwenger, Dr. Kelly K. Horst, Dr. Kavita Erickson, Dr. Ryan N. Sauer, Dr. Larry L. Stover, Dr. Vincent L. Flanders, Dr. Marc P. Underhill, Dr. Stewart S. Worrell, Dr. Matthew Jones, Dr. Matthew J. Locker, Dr. Parin Bhayani, Dr. Joshua D. Dowell, Dr. Rishi Mhapsekar, Dr. Shrey Thawait, Dr. Anwar T. Ashraf and Dr. Jaimie M. Howell

2014 – Dr. Kent Hansen

Dr. Kent Hansen was named CEO of Northwest Radiology as well as Chairman of Diagnostic Medicine for St. Vincent Hospital.


2015 – Flat Rate Pricing Introduced

Northwest Radiology gained attention with a groundbreaking Flat Rate Pricing program, committing to published, upfront pricing on imaging services at the outpatient facilities.

NWR Flat Rate Pricing highlighted on WTHR-TV, NBC affiliate in Indianapolis

Executive Director/CFO, Linda Wilgus, explains the Flat Rate Pricing Program.

2016 – American Health Network

Northwest Radiology partnered with AHN to provide radiology reading services for all AHN locations throughout Indiana.

2017 – Imaging Dementia — Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study

Northwest Radiology Network’s Meridian North Imaging Center was the first PET/CT facility in Indiana approved for the Imaging Dementia — Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (IDEAS) Study. The research study seeks to determine the clinical usefulness of PET imaging of brain amyloid deposits in the diagnosis of patients who are being evaluated for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Dr. Eric Beltz talks about the IDEAS Study on WXIN-TV, Fox affiliate in Indianapolis.

Dr. Rishi Mhapsekar talks about the IDEAS Study on WTHR-TV, NBC affiliate in Indianapolis.