X-rays in Infants and Young Children


  • Viral infection common in young children and infants
  • Leading cause of hospitalization for children in the first year of life in the U.S.
  • Most cases are caused by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu or the common cold
  • Outbreaks peak during the winter season

According to a research letter from the Journal of the American Medical Association, X-rays were used in nearly half the children admitted to a U.S. emergency department for bronchiolitis between 2007-2015.

Excessive imaging leads to:

  • Higher healthcare costs
  • Radiation exposure
  • Antibiotic overuse


Northwest Radiology pledges to Image Gently, following guidelines to lower the amount of radiation used in medical imaging and eliminating unnecessary procedures.

Image Gently Alliance:

  • Provides safe, high-quality pediatric imaging
  • Raises awareness of the need to adjust radiation doses when imaging children

Questions to ask

Is this X-ray necessary?

How will it improve my child’s care?

Are there alternatives to the X-ray or scan?

Will you be using a lower dose of radiation?

Be your child’s advocate!