Rad Tech Week: Meet Erica Hightower

In honor of National Radiologic Technology Week, we’re highlighting our amazing technologists. Meet Erica Hightower. 

Mandy and Erica

Erica Hightower is one of our highly skilled Nuclear Medicine PET/CT technologists. She is responsible for administering radioactive isotopes to patients and imaging the body part that is indicated.

She has been a technologist for 20 years and an important member of the NWR team for 16 years.

Erica has a great way of putting patients at ease with her friendly smile, positive attitude and comforting tone.

“The best part of my job is getting to know the patients I care for,” Erica said.

Erica is also a busy wife and mom who enjoys watching her kids in their sports and activities, walking and playing with her dogs, and traveling, in her spare time.

A typical work day for Erica includes: injecting and scanning patients; working up the studies and making them presentable for the radiologist; acquiring patients’ previous exams for the next day’s schedule; calling patients and going over the preps; and ordering doses for the next day. She is committed to providing the best quality care, and she is an incredible asset to the NWR team.