Rad Tech Week: Meet Donna Faraci

In honor of National Radiologic Technology Week, we’re highlighting our amazing technologists. Today we’d like to introduce you to Donna Faraci.

Donna Faraci has been a valued member of the NWR team for 21 of her 41 years as a radiologic technologist. She is experienced in CT, mammography and general X-ray, and she rotates between all three of the NWR outpatient imaging centers.

“The variety of the modalities I cover keeps my job interesting,” Donna said. “I really enjoy CT the most as it keeps me moving constantly. The best part from patients is learning a little bit about them in conversation and getting hugs occasionally. The friendships I’ve made here with co-workers are irreplaceable — I count myself lucky in that respect.”

In her free time, Donna loves scrapbooking with friends. “I am an avid scrapbooker, along with several other techs. I really love to get away for weekend scraps with them.”

Donna’s work keeps her on her toes. “There doesn’t seem to be an average day at any office, the number of patients can vary widely. Some days I feel like I need roller skates to keep up and other days we can actually get lunch.”

Although the busy schedule can take a toll physically and mentally, Donna keeps an upbeat attitude and is always greeting patients with a warm smile.