Meet the NWR Team: Beverly

Northwest Radiology would not be successful without the hard work and commitment of our dedicated team! We are proud to have such outstanding team members who not only provide exceptional care to our clients, but who also work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly every day.

Meet Beverly. She joined the team in 1990, making this her 30-year anniversary with Northwest Radiology!

Q: What is your title and role with NWR?

A: Demo Representative. I am responsible for making sure patients’ mailing addresses and insurance information are correct in the billing system. I also handle in-house deposits and mailing for the business office.

Q: What was NWR like when you started?

A: When I was hired in 1990, our office was at 8220 Naab Road on the third floor. I have done just about every job in the billing department at some point. I have trained new employees. I was here back when we were called Premiere Radiology Network.

Q: How has NWR changed over the years?

A: I am impressed by how green our company has gotten with using less paper and the way we obtain our information through computer technology. A beneficial change for me personally has been the fact that every time the billing office has changed locations, it has moved closer to my home!

Q: What do you like most about working for NWR?

A: I enjoy the family-oriented atmosphere, caring co-workers and beautiful work space. I have enjoyed the company parties and family outings the company has had for us. I have learned a lot of different jobs  and met lots of people over the years. I’m very proud to work for NWR.